Estonian Man Doesn’t Sleep Unless His Redhead Wife Twerks Her Big Booty For Him Before They Make Out

I recently came across a website which read – “First of all, we thank women for giving us their electrically charged pussies, their delicious milk and their beautiful faces and bodies that are more wonderful to look at compared to the greatest wonders in the world.”

I have a friend who has been trying very hard lately to fight his sexual lust. He watches autopsy videos to reduce his lust for the women; Many of the times his lust rather increases due to watching such videos and immediately after, he starts watching those girls on snapchat porn account.

This friend of mine believes that sexual slangs need a better nomenclature system.

His favorite pornstar of all times is Mason Storm. He believes she is the most underrated pornstar ever while at the same time he believes that Alexis Texas and Mia Khalifa are the most overrated pornstars ever.

He wonders all the time about how fun it must be fucking super-powerful women like Christine Lagarde, Jacinda Ardern, Mercedes Aráoz and others on a regular. He really envies the men who got to enjoy these super-powerful women.

I have an Estonian friend named Ragnar Angantysson. Ragnar hates Redheards but he married a Redhead woman just for her naturally voluptuous body. It is really funny to me that both husband and wife equally, i.e. 85 Kilograms.

Ragnar’s wife always doubted that he bangs his personal secretary on a regular and for this very reason they had several arguments in the past as well and their married life for a quarter of the part has been nothing but hell.

Endocrinologist Used Astral Projection To Hang Out With Sugar Babies When He Was Struggling Financially

Dr Patsy Ebdon from Queensland, Australia, is a Endocrinologist and Dating Blogger, who claims to have hired at least 9 Young Chinese Sugar Babies studying in the top Australian Colleges.

Dr Patsy hates Sugar Babies, Escorts, Pornstars, Masseuses, that don’t use their original name for their business.

Sugar Baby Industry is one of the very few industries that hasn’t gone much of a change in the past 3 decades now.

Dr Patsy Ebdon

Dr Patsy recently wrote an article about this retired Italian Mafia Boss who since coming out of prison, has been running a Real Estate Company and a Sugar Baby Agency in the New York City where they recruit none other than Blue-Eyed Skinny Young Women to work as their sugar babies. He apparently, recently hired a group of software developers to program a sugar baby app for their business. He wears a wig himself since he turned full bald due to stress during his time in prison.

Dr Patsy dated a Blonde English Independent Journalist who worked as a Sugar Baby for over a year. She was obsessed with Eastern Religions, Stoicism and Utilitarianism. She had the longest fingers you have ever seen on a woman, which she used a lot for her own good when she didn’t have a man for herself during desperate times. She reported and researched a lot on the Sugar Babies worldwide, extensively. Dr Patsy thinks they should give her a gold medal on her work. Her mother was one of OSHO’s closest followers during the days of Rajneeshpuram in the 1980s. She was a gardener at his commune in Oregon. She was a witness to some of the most controversial developments in his commune. Both mother and daughter have one thing in common several others – they hate women who act dramatic. The daughter has written several articles criticising some of the most popular celebrities globally that act too overdramatic and that includes politicians, actresses, singers, socialites, entrepreneurs among others. The mother believes in ghosts, purgatory, astral projection and many other related weird things. She claims January 1990 AD was the time when there were more number of ghosts came down on the planet earth than ever before and they are highly responsible for manipulating top world leaders of the past and the present to create what they call the New World Order.