Blessed Are Those Who Enjoyed Sexual Indulgence With Nymphos For They Shall See Heaven

It is my personal and that of millions of other men and women’s observation over the centuries that religious practice makes a man or a woman immoral but on the contrary, sexual indulgence with a nympho does the exact opposite.

I don’t believe in the concept of heaven or hell after the death, but if there is any such thing as heaven and hell, then I am pretty sure that all those who tried to attach the guilt feeling for women that love to enjoy sexual pleasure are all burning in hell. Sexual activity, like no other is automatically valued by human beings and even animals. Gone are the days when the common belief was that the sexual intercourse is just a method of producing a child. Instead, everyone is having sex nowadays, just because it fulfills our sexual needs and desires, if they don’t find a willing human partner, they now have things like a mini sex doll and they don’t have to suppress their sexual desires for the reason of not having some real human to fuck around with anymore. The human beings indulged in the sexual intercourse for the very purpose all throughout the centuries in the past, but they wouldn’t admit it.

The human race ever discovering something more pleasurable than the sexual intercourse seems so remote a possibility as to be practically inconceivable.

There is no doubt that free-sex is the most powerful and pervasive feature of the modern western society and I am proud of living in these beautiful and revolutionary times.

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Rikard Nilsson

Rikard Nilsson from Sydney, Australia, is a Sex Blogger and Life Coach, who believes self-improvement cannot help you defeat any of your vice(s). He believes it is the most overrated term ever.

Give losing your virginity a shot. If you don’t see anything new within, you are either not looking hard enough, or not acknowledging what has occurred. Look at yourself before you were a non-virgin, then a month of gapping on a regular.

Rikard Nilsson

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That’s a play with confidence. When you get those thoughts, they drag you down, so saying “I don’t have a problem with confidence is kind of idiotic.” Since negative thoughts have an impact on everything including confidence.

Rikard Nilsson

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