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Juku Jarve from Nottingham, England, is a Sex Blogger and Retail Sales Manager at a Sony Branch in his city, who believes 22 is when the women hit their sexual and 23 is when men do the same, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, diet and sexual orientation. He writes the Cherokee people of the Americans knew this very well and it is also mentioned in their dead religion too, but the Christians ruined this concept of theirs that they followed and believed in for centuries within a matter of years just like they do with everything else. He adds that the Cherokees also used to believe that the age when a man and a woman reach their sexual peak is the perfect age for their marriage. He further gives example that the pornstars aged the same perform their best as can be seen on

Juku claims the popular yesteryear’s singer – Tiffany, that gained fame at a very young age with her song – ‘I think we are alone now’, has been hiding that she was raised for a while at one of the most notorious, popular and wealthiest Indian Guru OSHO’S Rajneeshpuram, which was then situated in the US State of Oregon. Both her parents were highly obsessed with the Hindu philosophy and masters like OSHO, he adds.

Juku has been writing a book themed on the subject of telling a person’s sexual orientation just by their body language, handwriting, physical traits and other characteristics. Juku claims the science will discover that all his theories were right sooner or later.

Juku writes that he envies the poor people in the 3rd world for they cannot afford geyser. He claims taking hot showers made his sexual performance worse and it is too hard for him to go back to the cold shower way.

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Harminder Khemu from Tucson, Arizona, is a Punjabi Sikh American Taxi Fleet Owner and a Sex Blogger, who writes that the only reason why he is alive is to see the view of his wife’s gold necklace shaking between his wife’s beautiful big breasts while she is riding him.

Harinder writes that contrary to the popular belief, eating the testicles of a cattle, bird or any other animal leads to lower testosterone levels in men. He says he has no idea about what it does to a woman.

Harinder believes potato is the most underrated aphrodisiac food for men. He says it is widely used as an aphrodisiac in all of Punjab and also in some other parts of North India.

Harinder writes India used to have its own version of gay and lesbian bars. If you read the Hindu scriptures carefully, you will discover it. It is a pity that owing to the pressure of the outside invaders, mainly the believers of the Abrahamic religions, the Indians decided to do their best to conceal those scriptures but anyone who decides to study the Hinduism from its root will definitely discover those scriptures.

Harinder uses Indian flour mixed with water as his sexual lubricant.

Harinder is proud of the fact that neither Hinduism nor Sikhism, has ay law or rule against anal sex unlike their Abrahamic counterparts. The temples of Ajanta and Ellora are the proof.

One of the nephews of Harinder is a medical student living in Netherlands who wants to marry the Ukrainian Pornstar – Josephone Jackson so badly. Harinder says this nephew of his is a good-looking dude, who has already spoken to Josephine through Sex Webcams Camsoda and she appeared interested in marrying him too but his parents wouldn’t let him marry a pornstar. They own tons of property in Punjab and Malta that they will rather pass on to someone else other than him if he marries a pornstar.

Harinder believes the main reason why the Eid is celebrated on a crescent moon night is because this is when the positive planetary effect on both the human male and female libido is at its peak.