Oregon Psychiatrist Will Pay Anything To Be Casted In A FamilyStrokes Flick

Those who believe Adam and Eve’s original sin was having sex need to visit me for a psychological treatment.

Dr Allen Thompson

Dr Allen Thompson from Coos Bay, Oregon, is a Psychiatrist and Sex Blogger, who likes to experiment a lot with his diet. He claims eating a carnivores diet increased the girth of his dick by half an inch and his dick now just looks like those male pornstars that you see on familystrokes free porn videos.

Dr Allen dated one of the daughters of one of the greatest hip-hop stars of all times. He says the bitch was bad like the Pornstar – Ashley Fires in the bedroom.

Dr Allen writes the religion of Wicca and Satanism didn’t work but the religion of ‘Sexualism’ is definitely going to work. He has been working on to create a new religion for a while now, which he claims would be completely based on the sexuality of both the genders.

One of the best friends of Dr Allen Thompson is a pimp from Switzerland with escorts working for him in as far as Moscow. This pimp friend of Dr Allen claims that Pope Francis is a freak who hires different gorgeous escorts every night and he can never be seen hiring less than 2 escorts at a time. The Pope Francis loves his escorts pale skinned with natural titties.

Allen recently contacted this pimp friend of his through the phone and asked if he could arrange a couple of naturally busty Swiss Pornstar escorts for him in the US and the pimp replied “No problem at all my Psychiatrist friend.”

Allen has another friend with a 14 inch long cock. This friend of him almost killed his poetess girlfriend when he had sex with her for the very first time. Irony is that she was a virgin at the time.

Allen once caught his girlfriend of the time having sex with her doberman. That was almost the end of their relationship. He got himself checked for STDs the very next day. Everything turned out hunky dory according to the tests.

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