Israeli Men Simping on Thai Pornstars

Charles Lumia from Horace, North Dakota, is a Part-Time Sex Blogger and a Full-Time Aerospace Engineer, who believes women care more about what you wear than how you look, especially the Thai (หนังเอ็กไทย) ones.

Charles claims to have experimented with edging for years. He claims edging doesn’t work, you better ejaculate it all out.

Charles write kissing forehead of a woman be as much fun if you know the right way of doing it. He writes it is a pity that roughly 99.99% of the Male Pornstars and 85% of the Female Pornstars globally don’t know the art of kissing a forehead erotically.

Charles write tall women with broad shoulders make great fuckbuddies.

Charles sounds like a prude when he writes wet dreams are an unnecessary loss energy loss.

Charles also believes having a stable mood and an angry personality is lethal for your libido in the long term.

Charles believes laughing, smiling and meditating on a daily basis has a great positive effect on your libido.

Charles recently introduced a Voice Chat Room to his Discord Server that discusses sex 24/7. He says it has been receiving such great feedback that he has been thinking of introducing a US 60$ per month fee to be able to talk there.

One of the uncles of Charles is a Buddhist who told Charles that sex becomes impossible for a man after achieving enlightenment.

Charles claims to know a 5’2″ Half-Indonesian Half-Israeli guy, who after 8 months of dating his 5’11” Blonde girlfriend who never let him do anything more than a hug or a kiss that she regularly hooked up with random guys on Tinder. He still hasn’t broken up with her owing to the hope that she might open her legs for him one day in the future and stop those random hookups.

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