Antonio from Miami never met a Cam Model who believes in Fasting

Antonio Machado from Miami, Florida, is a sex blogger, who has been doing Shambhavi Mudra Kriya to elevate free testosterone levels in his body for quite a while now. He says that it works perfectly fine and has given better than expected results so far.

Antonio writes that fasting is the worst thing that you can do to your sex drive. He says that once he did water fasting for a couple of days and didn’t even have the urge to look at those camgirls live within those couple of days.

Antonio’s guru told him that taking Psychedelics and doing Moolabandha can turn a person bisexual and homosexual. Since then, Antonio has stopped doing both Moolabandha and Psychedelics altogether.

Antonio believes the inventors of all sorts of contraceptives ought to be on the top of the list of the greatest inventors of all times. He believes that the world has been doing a great injustice to them by not putting them up there. He attributes promoting this type of mindset to the religious institutions and their chiefs, which is then pushed harder by the vote-hungry politicians.

Antonio believes listening to a certain type of music has a specific effect on your libido. He says nothing increases a man’s libido like listening to Synthwave Music does and nothing reduces it as listening to the classical South Indian or Eastern Chinese Music does.

Antonio reads a book right after having a sexual session as suggested by Mantak Chia in one of his videos. He approves as suggested by Chia that it helps retain the info four times as good.