Here is the reason why American Feminists hate Voluptuous and Flexible Asian MILFs

It is a common notion that athletic, flexible girls can do a variety of things that their non-athletic, non-flexible counterparts cannot and that’s one of the reasons why more men than ever before nowadays lookout for an Asian MILF to have a relationship with than any other race.

It is really amazing to me how for the first time in the human history, the Magazine models have been envying popular Instagram models for their popularity rather than the other way round.

It is really crazy that there are some good things about the prostate cancer as well. There is this friend of mine who has been suffering with a prostate cancer. He says that he is rock-hard 24/7 since the time his doctor believes he got this disease.

I believe it is really a pity that not many can compete with Master Mantak Chia when it comes to Ancient Taoist style sexual healing.

According to me, beautiful natural big boobs and big buttocks have always been the most justified assets in the mammalian kingdoms.

One of my good friends is a hardcore feminist who believes Melania Trump is the greatest modern example of achieving the good old American dream.

One of my good friends has been dating an Indian Sikh Mechanical Engineer for a while now, who looks a lot like the popular British Sikh OnlyFans Pornstar – Princess Jas.

This friend of mine actively campaigns against subreddits like r/nofap, r/semenretention, r/pureretention, r/celibacy, r/brahmacharya, for they have been trying to prove their narrative that sex is merely for the procreation and not for the recreation, which is far from the truth.

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