Portuguese Cop decided to become a BBW Sex Blogger after being inspired by her elder British sister’s leaked stripping video on sxyprn xxx

Carina Cuba is a Portuguese woman, married to a rice mill owner in Britain. It goes without saying that she is a very wealthy man. Their sex life is also good. But Carina doesn’t seem much happy with it and that’s the reason why she regularly cheats on him and has a blog where she posts about all her fantasies and sexual encounters. Her blog is more erotic for both straight men and bisexual women alike than sxyprn xxx

Carina is also a pro-wrestling freak and has dated and still dates men related to the pro-wrestling industry. She writes on her blog that Bruce Prichard – The Senior Vice President and the Executive Director of Smackdown tells his wife Stephanie Prichard to wear Vagi-pol Super Fresh Natural Deodorant (a deodorant notorious for taking away the natural odor of a human female vagina), but himself is often found sniffing the vaginas of the young WWE aspirant female wrestlers and believe it to be the nectar of creativity.

Carina dated Bruce Prichard in the past and he would often sniff her pussy longer than their fucking and sucking sessions combined. Carina broke up with the guy for him being a liar and bigot.

Inspired by Carina, a sister of her recently turned from a part-time gourmet food blogger to a part-time BBW sex blogger and she is totally loving it.

This sister of Carina lives in Portugal. She and her husband, both are cops. They both love to roleplay most of the nights before making love but it is really surprising to most how they never performed the roleplay of cop other than their professional lives.

More Dollar Bills are spent on Tattooed Pornstar escorts than an Average Joe can imagine – Greg Lemon

Greg Lemon from Taneytown, Maryland, owns 4 different dance coaching schools in the province of Maryland. His wife is a dance coach at one of the schools owned by himself.

Greg is also an active sex blogger who claims that most counterfeit money creators spend most of their profits on luxury tattoo babe escorts. He says that these counterfeiters avoid traveling abroad as it is risky for their business and life. He says that he doesn’t know a single counterfeit creator personally who never hired one of those tattooed pornstar escorts.

Greg claims that if the right boob of a woman is larger than her left one, the woman tends to have lesbian fetishes, whether she admits it or not and if her left boob is bigger, she prefers older men over the younger ones. He claims to have had long-term relationships with both sort of women in the past and without exception, it was the same with all of them.

When Greg was in his early 20s, he was dating this woman who had her left breast bigger and larger than the right one. Greg said ‘Goodbye’ to his decade old friends for this girlfriend of his, only to discover later that she was more into older men and the only time she spent with him was the time when no older dick was ready to slide inside her pussy. He felt completely rejected and decided to stop his relationship with her. When he told her that he doesn’t want to date her anymore, she had no regrets or disappointment, she sounded like she was all cool with it and it was no surprise to Greg either. Dating this woman was one of the decisions that Greg regrets a lot to this day.

Austen Oakley from Brooklyn is obsessed with Sex, Porn and House of Durnovo

Austen Oakley is a sex maniac author, who seems to be obsessed with the House of Durnovo, lately. She recently wrote a book on the House of Durnovo and the man she wrote the most about in her book was none other than the founder of the house – Mr. Mikula F. Durnovo himself.

Austen writes that Mikula didn’t have a habit of listening to the advice of others until he got married. She writes that before marriage, at times, he would try to listen to the advice of others, only to get frustrated later because of the things not working right due to that. Austen writes that after Mikula got married, he had to become used to getting listening to everything his wife said and him becoming used to listening to everything his wife said and him becoming used to listen to the advice of others became inevitable.

Austen writes in her book that Mikula was born into a family of wrestlers and hence it was in his genes to want to wrestle all the time, but he wasn’t physically strong enough to, but mentally he was very strong.

Austen also writes a sex and porn blog. Austen claims on her blog that the gay guys have higher testosterone levels compared to their straight counterparts.

Austen writes on her blog that she is addicted to semen and that’s the reason why she prefers to give a blowjob, anal sex or pussy sex, just with a blowjob on. Even when she is on the pills, she wants her man to wear a condom.