Hungarian Magazine Editors jerk off to the erotic models in the magazines like those fucking 20 year old Bonobos

I worked for a popular Hungarian magazine which mainly featured erotic ads (szexapró) and perhaps you wouldn’t be surprised to know that most of those magazine editors were often found jerking off to the models in those erotic ads all the time.

Perhaps, you wouldn’t also be surprised to learn that rimjob among couples is no big deal anymore. Most of the sexual fetishes shouldn’t even be called fetishes anymore.

There is no denying that tantra schools are sex schools in disguise. I believe that there will be full-fledged sex schools which won’t have to distort anything and the first such school to ever come into existence would be in Germany, in my arrogant opinion.

Me and my girlfriend, both are pantheists. We believe in evolution. We both feed each other fruits before finally making love as a tribute to our ape ancestors. We believe that the souls of our ancestors bless us both each time we make love and we can really feel it.

My wife has been obsessed with painting her body since her very college days.

I dated a translator back in 2010. It was really one of the best things to have ever happened to me. After her stressful job used to be complete, she would have sex like a freak with me. She fucked better than most MILF pornstars. I still miss her and my current one knows this and it doesn’t upset her at all, because she herself misses her ex who had a 13 inch long strong black dick.